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Active Manningham’s Outdoor Move Group

Have you tried out Active Manningham's Outdoor Move Group yet? Its a great way for you to get out of the Gym or home and get some fresh air and exercise!

Active Manningham’s Outdoor Move Group is great to help improve and/or maintain your aerobic fitness. The instructors Natasha and Daniel have over 15 years of experience and ensure each session is structured to suit all fitness abilities. They are committed and passionate about getting members off the treadmills and adopting an exercise routine that makes outdoor running enjoyable. They also teach proper running technique and can help set goals to build on week by week.

Active Manningham’s Outdoor Move Group could be for anyone, in the past it has attracted.
• beginners wanting to run their first 5K Fun Run,
• beginners just wanting to give running a go,
• members choosing to attend interval-based sessions to improve their fitness for other sports,
• women wanting to run in a safe group setting,
• seasoned runners not wanting to pound the pavement on their own, or
• members using the Outdoor Move Group as their ‘cardio’ day on their program instead of having to stay indoors the whole time.
• If you just want to get outdoors and exercise or get moving.

Want to have a go? Head to the gym entrance of Aquarena at 9.00am on a Saturday morning.

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