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School Bookings


Run a program for your school with Active Manningham

Active Manningham provides a wide range of services tailored for local schools who wish to use our amazing facilities. We are committed to providing an enriching environment that allows schools to promote physical activity, teamwork, and fun.

Service’s that Active Manningham provides Schools:


What we offer

School swimming lessons

Active Manningham’s swimming lessons offer an engaging and interactive environment for students of all skill levels. Our professional instructors focus on teaching essential swimming skills, fostering both confidence and aquatic safety. Lessons are ran from Aquarena and designed to be both fun and educational, promoting a love for swimming and the importance of water safety.

Stadium bookings

Our spacious, well-equipped stadiums are the perfect venue for various school events and sports activities. The stadiums are designed with safety and functionality in mind, providing an environment where students can engage in physical activities, foster their team-building skills, and cultivate a sportsmanship spirit.

Outdoor pool/swim carnival Hire

Active Manningham’s outdoor pools at Aquarena provide an ideal setting for school swim carnivals or other aquatic events. With ample space, modern facilities, and a vibrant atmosphere, these pools offer an enjoyable experience for your swim carnivals.

Other sports

We offer a multitude of other programs designed to cater to diverse interests and needs of your students across our 9 stadiums.



School bookings

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