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Personal Training

personal training


Achieve your health and fitness goals with personal training at Aquarena

personal training

Whether your goal is to enhance your overall fitness, achieve weight loss, improve wellness, engage in functional training, build muscle, or undergo rehabilitation, our personal trainers possess the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Experience world-class fitness facilities at Aquarena, a part of Active Manningham, and train with our highly qualified trainers.


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Personal training pricing

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Accelerate your fitness journey

Our team of professionals are not only qualified but specialise in a diverse array of fitness facets, from weight reduction and body toning to strength and muscle development. We offer flexible session durations of 30, 45, or 60 minutes to suit your schedule.

Alana Mendico

Alana emphasises quality movement for optimal health, fat loss, and injury prevention. She tailors training programs for overall mental and physical wellbeing. With a deep understanding of how discomfort can inhibit activity, she promotes consistent, tailored workouts as an effective remedy.


Boyd, a seasoned personal trainer, stays at the cutting edge of fitness science. With over five years of experience, he passionately researches the most recent developments to offer optimal training methods.

Daniel De Marchi

Daniel is a certified fitness professional specialising in body composition change, muscular development, sports performance, and promoting overall health. With his firm belief that challenge incites change, he’s dedicated to improving your well-being and helping you achieve your athletic goals.

Jacqui Allen

With a Bachelor in Human Movement Science and Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness, Jacqui specialises in functional training, women’s health, rehab programs, and training for older adults. Believing in the mantra ‘move well’, she uses dynamic training to improve her clients’ functional movement and daily life.


Peter, a recent university graduate, is equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, and Certificates III & IV in Fitness. He specialises in strength and conditioning, power lifting, and sports-specific training. Peter is dedicated to creating a positive environment and working collaboratively with clients to achieve their fitness and performance goals.

Sameet Vashishat

Sameet, an experienced fitness enthusiast, has been actively involved in weightlifting for the last decade. He has also proven his prowess by participating in various fitness competitions, showcasing his dedication and expertise in the fitness domain.

Sarah Kemp

Sarah, a seasoned personal trainer of over 10 years, specialises in functional training and nutrition for individuals of all abilities. Armed with numerous certifications including Nutrition & Diet, Sports Nutrition, Cert Psychology Behaviour Change and Cert Functional Training, she promotes natural body movements for overall wellbeing. Sarah’s empathetic approach focuses on improving her clients’ health while appreciating their unique needs and abilities.


Chrissy, a graduate in Exercise and Sports Science, is specialising in chronic condition management through her Master’s in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Her focus is on strength, conditioning, and injury rehab. Passionate about empowering people to improve their lives through exercise, she’s seen firsthand how exercise can effect dramatic changes, from minor muscle strain improvement to helping those thought unable to walk, take steps again.


Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Sport and Exercise Science and planning to transition into Masters of Physiotherapy, Andriana specialises in weight training, body building, and sport-specific training. Her background in team sports like AFL and Basketball informs her approach to fitness. Passionate about muscular strength and development, Andriana thrives on helping clients of all backgrounds achieve their goals.


With a Bachelor’s in Exercise & Sports Science and a Master’s in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Arthur focuses on functional training and injury prevention & rehabilitation, especially for older adults and individuals with chronic conditions. A former cyclist and martial artist, he believes in integrating exercise as a natural part of daily life, comparable to brushing teeth or showering. Arthur promotes active living to maintain general health and wellbeing, preventing the decline of our musculoskeletal system.


Elizabeth, an Exercise Physiologist, specialises in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, COVID-19 recovery, chronic pain management, and older adult wellness. She holds degrees in Musculoskeletal Therapy, Exercise and Sports Science, along with a Master’s in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Passionate about supporting recovery and promoting mental health benefits through exercise, she offers comprehensive and compassionate care to all her clients.

**We understand that life can be unpredictable. To accommodate for changes in your schedule, we offer the option to reschedule or cancel your personal training session with a 12-hour notice. Please note that cancellations made outside of this period will be charged the full session fee.**


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