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Aquarena membership price increase

We would like to thank you for your patience and support throughout the transition period from 1 July 2023.


Our focus has been on minimising the impact to you and ensuring our warm and engaging staff team continue to provide the service you expect from us.

As communicated on 6 June 2023; Aligned Leisure in partnership with Manningham Council delayed the annual membership price increase from 1 July 2023 to 1 September 2023 as part of the transition support plan.

We write to you today to confirm information relating to the price increase in line with our Membership Terms and Conditions with reference to Clause 16 – Price Increases. These terms and conditions can be found on the Active Manningham website.

While every effort has been made to minimise the membership fees for our members, operating facilities such as Aquarena comes at a considerable expense, and an annual increase is necessary so that we can continue to provide high quality services for you.

Your membership increase will take effect with the direct debit on 14 September 2023.

Table of adjusted FORTNIGHTLY membership fees

Current rate*
14 September 2023*
Active Teens
Aquatic Access Child
Aquatic Access Adult
Aquatic Access Concession
Full Access
Full Access Concession
Full Access Off Peak
Reformer Plus
Squad – Academy/Competition
Squad – State Development
State – National/State

*Price per fortnight

This change will occur automatically to your membership and no action from you is required.

If your current membership type or fee is not listed in the above table, please contact our team in writing

We understand that at times individuals may be experiencing financial hardship and encourage anyone in this situation to contact our team to discuss your options.

We hope that you continue to enjoy your membership here at Aquarena and we look forward to seeing you when you next visit.

Shannon Mounsey

Active Manningham Leisure Manager

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