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Chinese Taipei Basketball Teams’ Tour Melbourne

A thrilling comeback by the Chinese Taipei National Team and strong fan support was the highlight of the past week at our Mullum Mullum Stadium.

In Melbourne last week, the Chinese Taipei National Basketball Teams, both men’s and women, had an exciting tour. They trained and played a couple of friendly matches with the local teams at our Mullum Mullum Stadium. 

During their time here, a really exciting moment was when the Chinese Taipei Men’s team played against Brisbane South Basketball League’s Tango Uptown.  At the end of the third quarter, BSBL were leading by 18 points. But the Chinese Taipei team didn’t give up. They played really well and managed to catch up in the last quarter and won the game in extra time.

What made this tour even more special was that most of the audience in the crowd were cheering for the Chinese Taipei National teams. The fans were very enthusiastic, which made the matches even more fun.

You can watch the game on Youtube. The Chinese Taipei teams not only played great basketball but also showed that teamwork and never giving up are important in sports.

This tour was a great example of people from different countries coming together through sports. It created happy memories for the players and fans, showing that sports can bring people from different communities closer.

Here are some images from their game at Mullum Mullum Stadium. 

Taiwanese national team
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