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Learn to Swim Progress Report Cards

Exciting update! Starting this May, we're introducing progress report cards.

Aquarena have introduced Progress Report Cards for each swimming level.

These reports provide feedback on your child’s progress. The report will highlight what skills your child has improved on and what areas needs more focus. Regular progress reports mean that any potential regression or learning gaps are identified early. This helps prevent skill regression, improves focus areas, and leads to better results during assessments. It’s a great way to understand and track your child’s swimming progress.

Please note: These are not certificates and cannot be used to move up a level.

Our pool deck supervisors follow a schedule to assess one or two levels each week, ensuring that every class is evaluated every eight weeks. This systematic approach enables our team to maintain regular assessments of each student’s skills and progress. Parents can request an assessment if it’s been longer than 8 weeks since the last assessment, please let us know and we can check when their class is scheduled to be assessed next. If their scheduled assessment is still a few weeks away, if time permits, we can assess them during their next swimming lesson.

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