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Aquatic Lockout Procedures

What are aquatic lockout procedures at Aquarena?

We care about the safety and comfort of our members and visitors. During busy times, our facility will have a lockout procedure to allow us to control capacity. 

Lockout is when entry to the pool or centre is no longer permitted. For safety reasons, there can only be a maximum number of patrons allowed in the centre at any one time. This ensures our lifeguards and staff are able to effectively monitor all pool areas and avoid overcrowding where incidents are more likely to occur. A lockout will be implemented when the centre has reached its maximum capacity. Entry will be permitted as other patrons leave Aquarena on a one-in-one-out basis.

The traffic light status will be displayed on digital signage at the centre and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Traffic light system

We use a traffic light system for real-time capacity updates during busy periods. Traffic lights are an easy way for everyone to see our current capacity status and to know when the best time for a swim will be.

When the green light is displayed, it means there is ample space available at Aquarena.

No wait time, so come on in and enjoy the fun!

The amber light indicates that Aquarena is approaching its maximum capacity. We kindly ask you to be aware that a lockout may be implemented soon.

We are nearing capacity, 30-60 minute wait time expected.

When the red light is displayed, it means Aquarena has reached its maximum capacity, and a lockout is in effect.

Maximum capacity reached, expected wait time 90+ mins.

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