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Triple the dedication at Aquarena!

Active Manningham proudly celebrates three generations of dedicated Aquarena employees – Carol Edmeades, Trudi Edmeades and Eli Kitchen.

Carol initiated her Aquarena journey two decades ago as a member of the management team and a fitness instructor. Her expertise began at the YMCA Macleod where she honed her skills and later joined the Aquarena family. In her role as Momentum Co-ordinator, she continued to advance the program to be the biggest older adult program in Australia before stepping down from that role in June 2023. Although her path faced a temporary health setback, she has now persevered and found a way to teach aqua and Momentum Circuit which she enjoys immensely and she looks forward to getting back to instruct her full range of classes in the New Year.

Trudi, Carol’s daughter, has followed her mother’s path, working as an Aquarena instructor for almost a decade. She upholds the family’s legacy of unity, discipline, and promotes respect and fitness among members.

Eli, the youngest of the family to join Aquarena, he spent his childhood visiting the centre with his family be it for a casual swim or just a play around in the pool. Inspired by those frequent family visits, he recently joined Aquarena alongside his grandmother Carol and Aunt Trudi as a lifeguard.

In addition to this family legacy, it’s worth noting that Eli’s mother Kayte Kitchen, held a management role at Aquarena for four years and has been a group fitness instructor for 18 years further strengthening the family’s connection to the centre and fitness.

Carol affirmed that their family values align seamlessly with that of Active Manningham’s, emphasizing relentlessness, unity and discipline. She also believes that respect is a significant value they personally abide by. Their dedication to uphold standards and foster a sense of belonging is deeply rooted in the center’s culture.

Carol says she loves working at Aquarena, because of its family-friendly atmosphere and commitment to community well-being. Active Manningham takes immense pride in its three generations of employees who embody the essence of the centre, inspiring both staff and members.

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