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Doncaster Dolphins’ 40 Anniversary Celebration

Doncaster Dolphins celebrated their 40 anniversary recently and had an event which brought together current and former members, all united by their love for swimming and their shared journey as Dolphins.

The event kicked off with a meet and greet session, offering attendees the chance to connect with friends old and new. It was a gathering filled with laughter and nostalgia, as Dolphins from different eras came together to celebrate their shared history.

The main event commenced with a heartwarming display of memorabilia, showcasing the Dolphins’ journey over the past four decades. A series of photos brought back cherished memories and painted a clear picture of the club’s evolution.

A panel featuring four prominent Dolphin members, including Sue Crow and Pam Pederson, shared their experiences as swimmers and spoke about the impact that being part of the Dolphins has had on their lives and the community.

They gave awards to members who had been part of the club for 5, 10, 20, and 25 years. This showed how dedicated these members are. Shannon and Natasha from the Leadership team at Active Manningham, had the honor of presenting a few of these prestigious awards.

One of the standout moments of the evening was honoring of Dorothy Dickie, a remarkable swimmer who has been a part of the club for an astounding 40 years. At 93 years old, she received the prestigious 40-Year Member Award. But what truly sets her apart is her enduring spirit; she is not only still competing but also breaking records in her class group, inspiring everyone with her remarkable athleticism and love for swimming.

Sue Crow, a prominent member of the Doncaster Dolphins, spoke about her journey as a Dolphin and her commitment to promoting women’s sports. Her family’s sporting achievements include her daughter winning a gold medal in rowing at the Rio Olympics, her husband’s career with the Essendon Football Club, and her son’s role as a physiotherapist at the Tokyo Olympics.

Pam Pederson, an indigenous elder representing the Yora Yora clan, was also part of the celebration. Her presence emphasised the Dolphins’ commitment to diversity and inclusion in their club, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of their community.

The Doncaster Dolphins’ 40 anniversary was a special day. It showed how much they love swimming and being part of a team. Here’s to more years of swimming and fun for the Doncaster Dolphins!

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