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This Girl Can – Empowering Women to Embrace Physical Activity

This Girl Can empowers women of all ages and fitness levels to embrace physical activity, breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes. Through events, inspiring stories, and support, it transforms the way women perceive exercise, promoting empowerment and happiness.

The goal of this initiative is to motivate women to incorporate physical exercise into their lives, regardless of their age or fitness level. The campaign firmly believes that sports, gyms, and physical activity are for everybody. It emphasizes the importance of making fitness enjoyable and not viewing it as a chore.

Maria, who participated in a few of the events this year, had long been lost in the whirlwind of her commitments juggling family responsibilities, community responsibility and raising her children, all while seemingly forgetting about her own well-being.

Amid this whirlwind, Maria lacked the encouragement to explore activities, especially physical ones to really connect and do something for herself. This was when she came across promotions for ‘This Girl Can’ campaign which caught her attention with its simple yet powerful message.

Curious, Maria attended a launch event where she met people, heard engaging talks from speakers, including the trailblazing former Australian soccer player, Dr. Shona Bass, and the up-and-coming star of the Richmond Football Club, Courtney Jones. They spoke about the challenges faced by women across different generations and how they’ve overcome obstacles to reach their current positions. Moreover, the talks shed light on the evolution of women’s participation in sports, spanning from the 1970s to date.

Inspired by the event she signed up for activities like strength training, Pilates, Yoga and Pickleball which she really enjoyed. This has motivated her to go out and find a physical activity which suits her and is determined to get back to her best.

The campaign provides an array of resources and support, including inspiring stories from women such as Maria, who have conquered their fears, embarked on a journey into physical activity. It encourages women to embrace the joy of movement and to make fitness a part of their lives that brings empowerment, confidence, and happiness. This Girl Can is much more than a campaign; it is a transformative movement that is reshaping the way women perceive physical activity, empowering them to get active in a way that suits them best.

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