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Model Planes take to the skies at Mullum Mullum Stadium

Older Adult Aviators Soar to New Heights at Mullum Mullum Stadium

In a heartwarming display of passion and community spirit, a group of model airplane enthusiasts, with an average age of 70, have been taking to the roofs of Mullum Mullum Stadium. Their parent organization, the Australian Men’s Shed Association, has provided them with the perfect platform to showcase their lifelong hobby and keep their golden years bustling with activity.

With a member count north of 80, this spirited group of seniors are proving that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing passions and forming bonds that last a lifetime. Many in this group have fond memories of building and flying planes during their youth but had set their passions aside due to the demands of work and family life. Now, in retirement, they have rekindled their love for this hobby and come together to share their experiences and knowledge. At the age of 85, Ian, one of the members, boasts an impressive 73 years of experience in crafting and flying model airplanes. His expertise is such that he can create a fully functional model plane in a single day, a skill honed over decades of dedication.

Among the reasons these enthusiasts choose Mullum Mullum Stadium over their other venues are the retractable basketball hoops, a spacious square court that lets them spread their wings, and the sheer convenience of it all.

Their weekly sessions at Mullum Mullum Stadium involve flying their planes in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions, promoting adaptability and quick thinking. The breaks allow for friendship and teamwork, as they enjoy coffee, snacks, and conversation. Show and tell sessions provide a platform to discuss new techniques and technologies, promoting a continuous learning environment. Rod, a software engineer, enjoys taking a break from his demanding job. Flying a model plane requires his full attention, giving him a refreshing escape from his daily routine.

So, next time you’re in Mullum Mullum Stadium, don’t forget to look up and catch a glimpse of these amazing aviators defying the odds with every exhilarating flight! You might just spot a Snoopy plane flying around.

If you want to join their next session, you can do so here!

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