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Doncaster Dolphins Shine in 2024 Pier to Pub Swim at Lorne

Dorothy Dickey, at 93, and our fellow Dolphins triumph in their age groups, marking another Pier to Pub success.

The Doncaster Dolphins recently took part in the Pier to Pub open water swim event held in Lorne, Victoria which is one of the largest ocean swims in the world covering a distance of approximately 1.2km. The conditions were good with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Here are how our dolphins fared:
Our oldest swimmer, Dorothy Dickey completed her 38th Pier to Pub at the age of 93 and finished in sixth position in her age group (Heros over 80).
Sarah Louise finished in second in the Veteran female (age 50-59).
Frank Christian finished in fourth in the Veteran male (age 60-69).
Leanne Sheean completed the event in fifth in the Super Veteran female (age 60-69).
Murray Burns took second in the Legends (age 70-79)

These achievements marked another successful chapter for the Dolphins in the iconic Pier to Pub swim at Lorne.

Sarah in blue on the right with the medal, Dorothy in pink & black on left, Murray in orange & black.

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