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Changes to Group fitness class bookings

We have made some changes to the way you book your Group Fitness Classes.

Starting 19 Friday January 2024, all classes (except Momentum Reformer) will open for bookings 7 days and 1 hour prior to the start time. For example, the 8:30 am Aqua class on 6/2 will be available for bookings from 7:30 am on 30/1. This change aims to provide more sensible booking time frames, as well as give a chance to members the following week who may have missed out.

Booking Methods: We want to emphasize that booking online remains the most efficient way to secure your spot in our classes. While we do accept bookings over the phone and in the centre, please be patient if our staff are busy assisting other members.

Booking Etiquette: We want to maintain a fair and inclusive environment for all members. If you regularly book but fail to cancel or do not attend the class, please be aware that this may soon result in a week-long ban from booking classes. We appreciate your understanding, as this ensures that all members have the opportunity to participate.

Aqua Class Participants: Lastly, a friendly reminder for Aqua class participants to collect a wristband from the reception prior to entry. This small step helps streamline the check-in process and ensures a smooth start to your class.

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