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Health Expert Dr. Calum Downie Advocates for Active Aging at Aquarena Health Club

Dr. Calum Downie, founder of the acclaimed program “Doc Motus,” recently visited Active Manningham’s Aquarena Health Club to advocate for active aging.

Renowned health expert Dr. Calum Downie recently visited Active Manningham to present to the Health Club team on physical literacy among older adults. He’s known for his program ‘Doc Motus’ and shared important ideas with the team about helping older adults stay active.

Dr. Downie pointed out key insights that affect physical health today, like how fewer people are moving well. He explained how important it is for older adults to keep moving and eat well to stay independent. Dr. Downie also spoke about how healthcare is changing and why it’s essential for us to keep learning about exercise and nutrition.

During his visit, he gave our tram practical tips to help our older adults with exercises and eating right. The visit from Dr. Calum Downie marks a significant step forward for Aquarena’s Health Club in our mission to prioritise the health and well-being of all our members, irrespective of age. As the community continues to adapt with the challenges of an aging population, initiatives such as these serve as invaluable resources in promoting healthy, active lifestyles for all our older adults.

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