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Virtual Classes Important Information

After a successful first week of launching Les Mills Virtual classes at Aquarena, we want to take the time to inform participants of some additional information to make your time at here an amazing experience.

We want to take the time to inform participants of some additional information to make your time at Aquarena an amazing experience.

Please make sure to book in to classes from the Main reception or the Gym reception, or by using the online booking system. When arriving to Aquarena, please confirm your attendance by seeing the team at the main reception or gym reception before going to your live or virtual class.

For live classes, you will receive a ticket, and this is to be handed to the instructor of the live class. For virtual classes, you will not receive a ticket however it is important that you confirm your attendance so that we can track the popularity of classes. As virtual classes increase in popularity, there is the possibility that these can be eventually converted into live classes with your favourite instructors!

Please adhere to the signage on the door to the Main Studio, requesting that you wait until the end of the current live or virtual class before entering. Even if there are only a few people in the class, please respect their workout by waiting until the class is finished.

Les Mills Virtual has been installed alongside the lighting and sound system upgrade to provide the best overall experience possible to our members and patrons, including adding exercise options for people during off-peak hours.

Virtual classes will never replace live classes, they are instead designed to accompany the live timetable and provide participants with the opportunity to try something different at alternate times – particularly useful for people with busy lifestyles!

We welcome all feedback and suggestions – please contact Mandy the Group Fitness Captain, or Jess the Head of Fitness and Programs if you wish to discuss anything further. We would love to chat with you!

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